bougie naturelle coco cire soja
bougie coco boite tressée bambou
belle bougie naturelle coco
Natural candle in a cute bamboo leaf box

Natural candle in a cute bamboo leaf box

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Jolie bougie naturelle en cire de soja, sans odeur ajoutée, dans une noix de coco.

Tige en coton et boîte en feuille de bambou tressée, couleur naturelle

Product description

This natural candle is made our craftsman' wife, in Bali - Indonesia. The wax used is entirely natural: it's soya wax. It is melted in a coconut, dried and emptied, keeping its external striations, giving it this raw natural appearance so charming.

It gives off a delicate smell of soy wax, reminding the sweetness of the coconut, or a sweet vanilla rice.

Handcrafted, all candles differ in size and shape. The basket is made of dried bamboo leaves is natural beige in color and is tailored to the size of each candle.

Composition: coconut, soy wax and cotton swab. Basket woven with bamboo leaves.